CCSU bans most smoking on campus. Herald, NBC CT, 8-25

August 26, 2014


CCSU Expands On-Campus Smoking Ban


Monday, Aug 25, 2014 • Updated at 5:59 PM EDT


As the new school year gets underway, Central Connecticut State University is making some big changes – to its on-campus smoking policy.


The new policy bans smoking everywhere except four locations on campus, including parking lots and smoking shelters, according to the “Smoking Policy” section of the university’s Web site.


Mark McLaughlin, a spokesperson for the university, said the changes are the result of a survey conducted last spring.

"The majority of the respondents preferred a smoke-free campus with a few designated areas reserved for smoking," McLaughlin wrote in an email to NBC Connecticut on Monday.


McLaughlin said the university's former policy permitted smoking everywhere on campus except in residence halls and within 25 feet of buildings.


The CCSU Web site attributes the new policy to the “university’s goal to provide a safe and healthy work environment” and says it applies to students, employees and visitors alike.


A map indicating designated smoking areas is available online.


CCSU bans most smoking on campus


Monday, August 25, 2014 10:29 PM EDT



Administrators at Central Connecticut State University are banning most smoking on campus under a new policy for this year.

Under the new rules smoking will be limited to just four places on campus. The existing rules ban smoking from residence halls but allowed smoking outside on the campus, just not within 25 feet of any building entrance. 


In a mass email sent today to students, faculty and parents, CCSU President Jack Miller said " I believe this will protect the right to clean air that people expect, as well as providing some opportunities for those who choose to smoke."

Mark McLaughlin, a CCSU spokesman, said the new policy was developed following a survey of the campus community several months ago. A majority of the students and staff said they wanted to ban smoking except in designated areas.

The new policy takes effect on Thursday, when classes begin at the state-run university. 


The following is the full text of Miller's letter:


"Beginning with the first day of classes on Thursday, August 28, smoking will be prohibited everywhere on the campus—other than in four designated areas. Those are: Kaiser Parking Lot, and the three smoking shelters which are located in Willard-DiLoreto Parking Lot, behind Copernicus Hall, and between the Student Center and Welte. Please to view a campus map, with each of the locations clearly marked, and photos of each of the three smoking shelters where smoking is allowed.


This approach seemed to best reflect the sentiment of those responding to the surveys we conducted last spring.  I believe this will protect the right to clean air that people expect, as well as providing some opportunities for those who choose to smoke.


I hope this is not a “rule” which requires “enforcement,” but rather is one with which we all voluntarily comply.  It may take a short time of transition for people to remember our new policy.  If you see anyone violating our policy, remind them in a courteous way that there are only limited places where smoking is allowed.


If we all work together and are considerate of others, this policy will work well.  If we cannot effectively limit smoking to these four areas, then we will have to enforce a ban everywhere on the University campus.  So, thank you to everyone in advance for your courteousness and civility toward each other.