Hear about the awesome projects being done by CCSU Engineering students!

June 10, 2014

 Another project geared toward environmental sustainability is the solar powered Sterling engine effort mentored by Drs. Nidal Al-Masoud and Khaled Hammad. Students on this project have created an initial design and are now in the process of manufacturing the engine.
In the Plastics and Composites Manufacturing Laboratory, CCSU manufacturing engineering technology student Robert Adamczyk has attached a mold that he designed and fabricated to a vacuum thermoforming machine to create a water-tight housing for the electronic components of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle helicopter. Dr. Alfred Gates and his students are conducting drone research for their potential use in commercial operations. Modification of these vehicles with such housings will enable multicopters to fly in the rain and snow, conditions where such UAV flights may be advantageous.
Dr. John Wei also leads student project research efforts in helicopter applications. On his intermeshing dual rotor testing project, aimed at mimicking the KMAX (Kaman Aerospace Corp.) rotorcraft, his students have modified commercially available helicopter kit blades to reduce weight. Mechanical testing is currently underway to ensure that these altered blades have sufficient integrity for the planned testing aimed at determining the effect that factors, such as rotor speed and angle between the rotors, have on lift.
In yet another corner of the laboratory, the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers club under the advising of Dr. Ned Moore, continues its efforts to design, build, and race a mini Formula 1 car. This truly monumental effort has been divided into many project task groupings: frame, suspension, transmission, steering, etc. Success allows these students to put the machine they have fabricated up against cars built by students from around the world.
Civil engineering students, under the guidance of Drs. Clifford Anderson and Cairn Ely, have recently embarked on participation in the Steel Bridge Design and Fabrication Competition sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Institute of Steel Construction. This competition tasks student teams with designing and building a one-tenth scale steel bridge, and entries are judged for: overall design; construction speed; design stiffness, lightness and efficiency; project economy; and the presentation display.
With impressive projects already in place, we look forward to the design ingenuity that is yet to come from our current and future students.