CCSU partners with Bristol schools to build leaders. Bristol Press, 5-10-14

June 10, 2014

CCSU partners with Bristol schools to build leaders

Saturday, May 10, 2014 10:49 PM EDT

BRISTOL — Bristol schools and Central Connecticut State University have formed a partnership for local teachers to earn degrees to ease their path into administrative and other leadership roles.

Superintendent Ellen Solek said she and Assistant Superintendent Susan Moreau engaged in discussions with a group of teachers known as the Bristol Leadership Cohort.

“It is a newly formed cohort of teachers interested in becoming administrators, hopefully in Bristol, and these very talented educators would like to pursue a Sixth Year degree at Central Connecticut State University,” Solek said.

“So through Dr. Moreau’s work we have formed a partnership with Central Connecticut and their personnel came in recently and conducted interviews with many of our teachers,” she said. “It was a very successful afternoon.”

The cohort consists of 22 teachers, from all grade levels — elementary, middle, and high school. Some of them already have their Sixth Year degree or the certification to be an administrator, which is known as Connecticut certificate 092, Solek said.

Altogether 15 teachers have signed up to pursue certification with CCSU, she said “So we have people in different stages, some who have certification, and some who have no certification but who are interested.”

“Our interest in forming the leadership cohort was to foster leadership within the district, and that can be in several forms,” Solek said. “It certainly could be administrative positions, but it also can be the fostering of teacher leadership.

“For example, if we are looking for teachers to take on leadership roles in training other teachers in a certain area.”

New Britain-based CCSU will offer its courses here in the city, although the actual location has yet to be determined, she said. “It really does make it more convenient for teachers to do their degree course work in Bristol rather than having to travel far and wide.”

The partnership came about unexpectedly from a casual conversation with Ellen Retelle, chair of CCSU’s School of Education, Solek said.

“It was one of those ‘gee, wouldn’t it be great if we could do this’ things and the next thing we know there were enough teachers interested to really make it possible,” she said. “So it really works out wonderfully for them and wonderfully for us,

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